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Purchasing your next new or used vehicle doesn’t have to be stressful. At Thrive, financing your auto loan is not only quick, easy and convenient, we can help save you money with our competitive interest rates

For low rates and payments, get pre-approved for a loan today.  Apply in person or online before you start shopping, and you’ll have everything you need for an easy and affordable car-buying experience.

Why get Pre-Approved?

Buying a car can be a very expensive, but necessary, purchase, which is why many people choose to take out an auto loan. When you head to the dealership with the intention of taking out a loan for your new car, you’ll have very little power to negotiate with the salesperson and your credit will be run several times by the financing department in search of the best loan.

Yet and still, you’ll have no idea whether the final loan terms the dealership offers you is the best financing you can get.

Given that a car is a very important purchase, you should take the time to do a lot of research beforehand regarding the type of car you want, the average price of the specific make or model, and your financing options. Getting pre-approved for a car loan is a much better option than waiting until you get to the dealership for financing.

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October Special Promotions

This offer is only valid for loans closed directly at Thrive Credit Union and not at a dealership.

Vehicle Loan Rates

DescriptionTerm DescriptionAPR As Low As
New/Used 2019–201836 Months3.25%
48 Months3.25%
60 Months3.50%
72 Months4.00%
84 Months4.50%
2017–201536 Months3.50%
48 Months3.50%
60 Months3.75%
72 Months4.25%
2014–201236 Months4.25%
48 Months4.25%
60 Months4.75%
2011–2000936 Months5.00%
48 Months5.50%
2008 & Older36 Months7.00%

* Rates include 0.25% deduction for direct deposit.
** Rates may be higher depending on credit score.
*** Rates listed are APR — Annual Percentage Rates.


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